The TPS Role: Your Treatment Guide

By Andrew Suma, MA, LPC
Director of Business Development, Acadia Healthcare – Recovery Division

In a recent edition of Sierra Tucson’s Progress newsletter, Marina Rodina, director of business development for the Western region of the Treatment Placement Specialist (TPS) team for Acadia Healthcare – Recovery Division, provided an in-depth exploration of what it is like to work with a TPS and why such a role exists, as well as a glimpse into what can be expected when a referring professional reaches out to his or her local TPS team for assistance. The article centered on the position’s origins, as well as the TPS team’s collective “why” and core motivations. This provided a step-by-step deconstruction of why and how each TPS, through the informed treatment guidance is uniquely positioned to offer clinical communities a distinct kind of resource that solidifies the TPS as a true extension of the treatment and clinical process. Therefore, if you are a professional who has yet to work with your local TPS, and you are curious as to what kind of value your local TPS may be able to offer you or your clients, I would strongly recommend taking a moment to read Marina’s article, “Spotlight on Our Treatment Placement Specialists,” for more information.

In a similar way, the intention of this article is to extend that conversation and offer a parallel exploration of why and how the experience of receiving guidance from the perspective of the patient/client who has yet to begin his or her treatment journey, does – in and of itself – offer a critical sense of value to the overall patient/client experience.

Although the specific nature of every individual’s experience is likely to differ, what is almost universally true is that at some point over the course of a person’s treatment stay, he or she will experience something most commonly understood as a “breakthrough” or “aha moment” that can instantly offer the kind of insight which changes everything. Often this experience of clarity and integration has the power to fundamentally alter the way in which people decide to live their lives moving forward. It is within these kinds of moments that sustainable progress is born. This type of progress is fueled by a deeply personal experience of self-empowerment and is often the catalyst for an individual’s renewed sense of hope and restored ability to see what is truly possible for his or her future.

The experience described above is an attempt to illustrate the inner workings of what is truly responsible for a “successful outcome” or “positive treatment experience.” It is also a description of the kinds of moments that a TPS helps make possible for a prospective patient/client with whom we have the privilege of working. We believe that these experiences truly accelerate growth and the healing process in the lives of those we treat. The TPS’ role will remain committed to helping clients find the right treatment environment within which these experiences of restoration, clarity, and self-empowerment are found.

The TPS service and all of the value it offers to those who utilize it would not be possible without the leadership and commitment to patient-centered progress, which is at the heart of the statement commonly heard throughout all levels of leadership at Acadia Healthcare: Good treatment is good business, not the other way around. This is what guides our decisions and approach to business development, as well as overall patient care. The integrity and unwavering commitment to a patient-first approach, which pervades every corner of this organization, is how the Treatment Placement Specialist role came to be. This initiative to move our compassion for helping those in need into a state of action is vitally important.

It is that same level of passion and commitment to excellence that can be seen each and every day at Sierra Tucson. Sierra Tucson is a leader in the mental and behavioral health field, as well as a provider of world-class treatment, because of the willingness of staff to accept the responsibility that comes along with being a leader. The quality of the treatment experience at Sierra Tucson is a direct reflection of the quality of the individuals who work within its walls. It is because of this fact that the TPS team and Sierra Tucson work so well together. Simply put, we expect the absolute best from one another because we want the absolute best for those whom we treat. It is this shared vision that makes the partnership mutually beneficial and is ultimately at the head of our shared “Progress.”