A Legacy of Leadership

Since 1983, Sierra Tucson has been creating miracles in people’s lives every day. Internationally renowned for its effective therapies, extraordinary staff, and exceptional setting, Sierra Tucson provides comprehensive treatment to identify and resolve underlying issues.

About Sierra Tucson

For over 34 years, we at Sierra Tucson have led the way in addiction and behavioral health treatment. Our ground breaking advances in the treatment field have led to recovery for tens of thousands of people who have suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, and other disorders.

Our leadership in the industry is reflected by our contributions to the field, the scope of our licensure, the depth of our clinical sophistication, and the thousands of lives that have been changed through treatment here.

In the ever-evolving field of behavioral healthcare, Sierra Tucson is a place of consistency and stability.

The Sierra Tucson Model

In the decades since Sierra Tucson opened, we’ve had tremendous opportunities to document the most effective treatment methods and hone our programs accordingly. The result of this effort is The Sierra Tucson Model, an innovative integrated approach to treatment that emphasizes strong diagnostics, research-backed techniques, and holistic resident-focused care.

The Sierra Tucson Model integrates philosophies and practices from the medical, psychological, family systems, and self-help communities. The 12-Step Program and other addiction support group options enhance intensive psychiatric care. The result is a powerful treatment experience.

Every program we offer is shaped by the philosophy of our model. Because it is designed to treat the whole person, residents learn to understand underlying causes of emotional and behavioral disorders and recognize how to manage their disease throughout their lifetime. This prepares them for the challenge of staying healthy once treatment ends.

The Sierra Tucson Model reflects a deep commitment to treating the whole person by integrating evidenced based practices and integrative therapies for psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

These therapies are based upon Sierra Tucson’s thorough diagnostic capability, which delves beyond the resident’s presenting symptoms and behavioral disorder to identify and resolve the unique core issues that are symptomatic and associated with the disorder. Sierra Tucson’s individualized treatment plans are developed by experienced, clinical professionals.

History of Sierra Tucson

The creation of Sierra Tucson is the resulting journey of one man, Bill O., to share his experience and vision to help others.  He started by doing something that at that time was nearly unheard of… speaking publically about his problems, and he took that action to let others who were in similar circumstances know they were not alone. He invested in a place called “Brave Bull Ranch,” which later became known as “Sierra Tucson.”

Formerly located on the property that is currently the Miraval Resort and Spa, at one time Sierra Tucson had over 300 beds. With the implementation of managed care in the mid-1990s, the program underwent a great deal of change, and the facility moved to a smaller location nearby, becoming a more intimate, 67-bed program.

Throughout the years, Sierra Tucson has responded to many changes that have molded and shaped it to be what it is today. And, through it all, the heart and soul of the program has never changed.

The diligent work toward healing and recovery, the lives that are impacted for the better, the commitment to lasting change, the passion with which our alumni speak of their experiences, and the deep level of care that our staff bring with them each day – these essential elements of Sierra Tucson have stood the test of time, and continue to inspire and motivate.

The time spent at Sierra Tucson was the true beginning of my journey. Not only did I overcome my addictions, but I began to focus on the root causes that created my compulsions. I understand myself so much better now.

– Anonymous Client