Best Family Treatment Program

At Sierra Tucson, the best rehab center for mental health and addiction recovery programs, we recognize that when an individual is struggling with an addiction or behavioral health disorder, his or her family members, including significant others, are considerably affected as well. For this reason, and to ensure the overall success of our residents, we believe that family involvement is critical to the recovery process.

Understanding Our Family Program

The Family Program at our treatment center is designed to assist residents and family members in identifying problems that have had a significant impact on the family system. Additionally, this program works to change attitudes and foster a more productive way to communicate concerns around behaviors that have impacted the family and its members. Family Week, which is an integral part of the Family Program at our rehab center, is a four-day experience that helps family members clarify their role as healthy, supportive figures and empowers them to set healthy boundaries with each other.

Families of those who are entrusted into our care are given the opportunity to learn about addictions and mental health disorders, discuss issues that have involved and concerned them for many years, and begin to heal together. Furthermore, family members are provided with an opportunity to learn the skills needed to work through their own issues, develop self-care techniques, and learn how to support their loved one.

Family Week

Family Week is often life-changing because it provides a safe place where relationships can begin to mend from confusion, hurt, and misunderstandings.

Throughout the duration of Family Week, therapists model and teach new communication skills that provide residents and their family members with a means of learning how to change behaviors and enhance the healing process.

Therapeutic program components of Family Week include:

  • couple’s workshop, between the resident and his or her significant other, provides an opportunity for all couples in the Family Program at our treatment center to explore their relationship issues and to receive educational and therapeutic support for recovery.
  • Family members will have the opportunity to participate in an optional equine experience and a mindfulness meditation group.
  • family therapist works with all family members to offer support and education specific to the resident’s issues.
  • The family group will include the resident, the resident’s process group members, and a primary therapist.
  • When deemed necessary, the family therapist may provide individual supportive guidance and will include other clinical staff, if appropriate.
  • Upon completion of Family Week, continuing care recommendations are given to family members to support their ongoing recovery.

Family Involvement in Our Program

Because friends, family members, and other loved ones are considerably affected by the types of disorders that we treat, we know that their participation is essential for successful, long-term recovery.

Invitation-Only Program

Family Week is by invitation from the resident. It is provided for family members ages 18 and over and is included in the cost of treatment (excluding travel and accommodations). As soon as the resident completes the invitation list, a family therapist will contact those invited and provide dates/times and information about what to expect. They will be asked to confirm their participation as well.

If you anticipate an invitation to Family Week, please allow up to 10 days after the resident’s admission. We encourage you NOT to make any travel plans until you receive an invitation from a family therapist at our treatment center.