Professional Referrals

We partner with professionals to align our objectives of maximizing a resident’s opportunity to grow healthier.

We are firmly committed to the Sierra Tucson Model® of treatment, which recognizes that we all exist as mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Only after healing progresses beyond the symptomatic to embrace the whole person does real recovery begin. Our experiences and successes in residential treatment help residents move beyond underlying problems to true recovery.

A Message from Our Chief Executive Officer

Jaime W. Vinck, MC, LPC, NCC

We extend a warm welcome to any professional visiting our Professionals’ page. Whether you are interested in a client entering treatment at Sierra Tucson or you want to join our professional network, we hope our website will be a resource for information and guidance. If you need more information, we are happy to answer any questions you or your client may have.

Our mission is to be inclusive and informative. We are committed to a collaborative approach in which we maintain open communication with all referring professionals.

We are honored that you trust Sierra Tucson to provide the highest quality treatment experience for your clients. Our admissions coordinators and clinicians, as well as our continuing care, outreach, and alumni teams, are here to support you, your clients, and your clients’ families before, during, and after treatment at Sierra Tucson.


Jaime W. Vinck, MC, LPC, NCC, CEIP
Chief Executive Officer