Miracles All Around

By Jaime Vinck, MC, LPC, NCC, CEIP
Chief Executive Officer

Happy New Year from beautiful and sunny Tucson, Arizona! As I reflect on the past 365 days, it is humbling to consider that we have helped more than 1,600 individuals find hope and healing. Prior to Sierra Tucson, each of those individuals were cared for by at least three people, conservatively speaking, who likely breathed a huge sigh of relief when their loved one agreed to treatment. In that case, another 4,800 lives were positively impacted by the work of our talented team of professionals in 2017.

Every day when we read or listen to the news about the world around us, we are overwhelmed with abhorrent behavior, drug epidemics, tragic overdoses, and suicides of public and not-so-public figures, to name a few. Unfortunately, the good news is often overshadowed by the negative, more scandalous news.

For me, it is helpful to think about the many miracles taking place right here at Sierra Tucson. In 2018, I choose to focus on the positive and affirm those I care about. I am going to be gentle with myself; celebrate the grace that has been given to me without even asking; and embrace the wisdom that has emanated from my pain. No marathons, no diets, no other punishing behaviors—a simple celebration of daily gratitude is my only resolution.

In the next year, Sierra Tucson will continue to be a thought leader in the treatment of substance use and mood disorders. We will celebrate with our residents as they begin their healing journey, and we will support them in the 365 days following treatment via Connect365 – our signature continuing care service. Thanks to Sierra Tucson Alumni Relations, the support continues for a lifetime.

Here’s some good news we can savor in 2018: Sierra Tucson is committed to clinical excellence and compassionate care – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. May you enjoy a happy and healthy New Year!

For information about our residential treatment programs, please call our Admissions Coordinators at (800) 842-4487.