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For 40 years, Sierra Tucson has been a place of peace, hope, and healing. On our serene, 160-acre campus, experienced professionals provide integrative, evidence-based care to help adults of all genders achieve lasting recovery from addiction and mental illness.

Sierra Tucson strives to be a renowned leader in clinical excellence and compassionate care. Below are just a few snippets of local, state and national-level mentions and interviews in the news media. Our goal is to help break the stigma that surrounds addiction and mental illness and promote the importance of mental wellness.

Media Coverage

Sierra Tucson Media Coverage


AZPM: A Show about Healing

IACP Police Chief: Balancing the Badge


WebMD: Alone Time vs Loneliness: What’s a Good Balance

Authority Magazine: Mental Health Champions: Why & How Dr. Derek Price Of Sierra Tucson Is Helping To Champion Mental Wellness

Police1: 6 Trauma Management Best Practices for Police Organizations

Behavioral Healthcare: Executive podcast interview with CEO Derek Price

KGUN-TV: Sierra Tucson Staff Apply Neuroscience in Patients Trauma Recovery

Health Magazine: Does TikTok’s BORG Trend Really Promote Harm-Reduction—Or Is It Just Binge Drinking?


GlobalNewswire: Sierra Tucson Becomes Certified as “Veteran Ready Healthcare Organization” (Apr 2022)

Treatment Magazine: In the Pandemic Era, a Push for Integrated Treatment (Feb 2022)

Pain Medicine News: Trauma-Informed Pain Recovery Versus Pain Management (Feb 2022)

Healthcare Exec Intelligence: Strategies to Mitigate the Rising Tide of Self-Medication in the US (Jan 2022)


SHRM: Substance Abuse Got Worse Amid the Pandemic and Remote Work ( (Dec 2021) Mental Health Wellbeing Will Continue To Be The Hot Topic For 2022 – (Dec 2021)

Tucson Lifestyle Magazine: Tucson Lifestyle ( (Dec 2021)

HR Brew: A “startling” percentage of US workers have been WFH under the influence ( (Dec 2021)

Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Insider: An unexpected and concerning ‘benefit’ to working remotely – Ragan’s Workplace Wellness ( (Dec 2021)

Treatment Magazine: Stoned on Zoom – Treatment Magazine (Nov 2021)

Associated Press News: Employees View Alcohol, Drug Use As Benefit Of Work-From-Home During Pandemic – May Bring Drug Habits Back To Workplace, Sierra Tucson Survey Shows ( (Nov 2021)

Canadian HR Reporter: Self-medicating while working from home | Canadian HR Reporter (Nov 2021)

Addiction Professional: 1 in 4 Workers Say They’ve Been Under the Influence During Video Conferencing ( (Nov 2021)

Oh My Stress: Employees View Alcohol, Drug Use As Benefit Of Work-From-Home During Pandemic – Oh My Stress (Nov 2021)

Employee Benefit News: Veterans need more job opportunities from employers | Employee Benefit News (Oct 2021)

Women Advance: A Therapist Shares Social Justice-Centered Ways You Can Support People Who Feel Suicidal | Women AdvaNCe ( (Oct 2021) Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal, CMO, Director of Mood Program, Sierra Tucson – (Sept 2021)

Bustle: What Does Sober Lite Mean? The Weeknd Opened Up About Drinking ( (Sept 2021)

AZ Public Radio: The intersection of mental health and crime – AZPM(Sept 2021)

Newsweek: Sierra Tucson recognized as Best Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona (Aug 2021)

Bustle: What Does The Weeknd Mean When He Says He’s “Sober Lite”? (Aug 2021)

Phoenix Daily Independent: U.S., Arizona logged record drug overdose deaths in 2020 (Jul 2021)

Treatment Magazine: A Challenge to the Standard View on the Opioid Crisis (Jul 2021)

USA Today: Pride Month is over. Here’s how to be an ally to the LGBTQ community the rest of the year. (Jul 2021)

PsychCentral: Inside Mental Health Podcast: Transgender and LGBTQIA+ Mental Health (Jun 2021)

Women Advance: How to Be a Mental Health Ally to Friends in the LGBTQIA+ Community (Jun 2021)

Huffington Post: 11 Books On Postpartum Mental Health Every New Parent Should Read (Jun 2021)

Becker Healthcare Podcast: David Cato, Clinical Director of Sierra Tuscon (May 2021)

Readers Digest: 6 Ways to Be an LGBTQ Ally (May 2021)

Bustle: Therapists Explain What Trauma Is & Isn’t (Mar 2021)

Bustle: Why A Trauma Anniversary Brings Up So Many Emotions

Worth: The Long Tail of COVID-19: Is US Health Care Ready for the Mental Health Crisis That Will Follow? (Mar 2021)

Together AZ: Pandemic Amplifies Postpartum Depression for Arizona Moms (Mar 2021)

World At Work: It’s OK to Ask for Help (Feb 2021)

WebMD: Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment: Know Your Options (Feb 2021)

WebMD: 5 Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse You Should Know (Feb 2021)

WebMD: Prescription Drug Withdrawal: Know the Signs (Feb 2021)

HealthGrades: The “Second Pandemic” of Mental Health: What Doctors Want You to Know (Jan 2021)

Behavioral Health Business: Acadia’s Sierra Tucson Group Ramps Up Efforts to Address Trauma, Expand Specialty Groups  (Jan 2021)

Blunt Therapy Blog: 20 Professional Therapists Share Their Thoughts on Suicide (Jan 2021)

Treatment Magazine:  Advice for People Struggling with Their Gender and Facing Addiction (Jan 2021)

Treatment Magazine:  What’s The Connection Between Drug Use and LGBTQIA (Jan 2021)


Treatment Magazine: Sierra Tucson CEO Valerie Kading’s Focus on Trauma in Addiction (Dec 2020)

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson Opinion: This holiday season, you can lend, or reach out, for a helping hand (Dec 2020)

Arizona Big Media: Business Leaders to Watch in 2021 (Nov 2020)

Arizona Public Radio: Overcoming Post-Election Partisan Hostility (Nov 2020)

StephSocial: Coronavirus Christmas (Nov 2020)

Vitamin Shoppe: 6 Signs You’re Dealing With Burnout—And How To Recoup (Nov 2020)

Forbes: Study Shows Election Stress May Be Hazardous To Your Health, But 2020 May Be Different (Nov 2020)

USA Today:  Election 2020: Terrified to lose and afraid to hope (Oct 2020)

Bustle:  Doctors Explain 7 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health (Sept 2020)

HR Daily Advisor: What HR Pros Must Know About the Newest Healthcare Crisis: Postpartum Depression (Sept 2020)

Social Work Today: Creative Arts Therapies in SUD Recovery — Expressing Emotions Beyond Words (Aug 2020)

Elite Healthcare: Doing Your Part in Suicide Prevention (Aug 2020)

Bustle: Magic Mushrooms’ Effect on Your Brain, According to Researchers (Aug 2020)

Psycom: Tell Me Everything I Need to Know About Anxiety (Aug 2020)

Bustle: The Difference between Reopening Anxiety and Agoraphobia (Jul 2020)

Eat This, Not That!: Here’s What Happens To Your Body on Oxycontin (Jul 2020)

PopSugar: Postpartum Care Was a Problem Before — Here’s What It’s Like During a Pandemic (Jul 2020)  How to Make It Through Father’s Day If It’s Difficult for You (Jun 2020)

Psycom: Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) (Jun 2020)

North Carolina State Bar Journal: Keeping Your Sanity While Staying Sanitary (Summer 2020)

Psycom: 8 Big Ways We Changed How We Talk About Mental Health (Jun 2020)

EHS Daily Advisor:Suicide and Your Workplace (May 2020)

PsycomIn the Weeds: A High-Level Look at Marijuana’s Effects on the Body (May 2020)

Channel 12 Arizona MiddayHealthcare Heroes (May 2020)

HR Daily Advisor: An HR Professional’s Guide to Welcoming Back and Supporting Veterans In the Workplace (May 2020)

Psycom: Tell Me About…Serotonin (May 2020)

HR Daily AdvisorMyth-Busting Session: Mental Health in the Workplace (May 2020)

Bustle: How To Increase Your Energy When You’re Stuck Inside, According To Experts. (May 2020)

HR Daily Advisor: Coping Strategies for Work-Related Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 2020)

HR Daily Advisor: Suicide and Your Workplace: Lifesaving Advice for HR Pros (May 2020)

Employee Assistance Report: Mental Health and COVID-19 Sierra Tucson CEO addresses Key Issues (May 2020)

Health Talk Podcast: Suicide in the COVID-19 era (May 2020)

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast: How Covid-19 is affecting mental and behavioral health (May 2020)

HR Works Podcast: HR’s Role in Suicide Prevention (May 2020)

Mental Health WeeklyAmid COVID‐19, self‐care as important for providers as it is for patients (Apr 2020)

Health Talk Podcast: What are the steps to coping with Coronavirus while in recovery? (Apr 2020)

The Mighty: What an Addiction Professional Thinks About Ben Affleck’s Portrayal in ‘The Way Back’  (Apr 2020)

Bustle: How the Coronavirus Pandemic will Affect Mental Health Long-Term According to Therapists (Apr 2020)

Modern Healthcare: COVID-19 Adds to challenges of treating deadly addictions (Apr 2020)

Bustle: Working From Home During The Coronavirus Crisis Is A Recipe For Burnout, Experts Say (Apr 2020)

Sierra Tucson: Coping with Uncertainty in Uncertain Times (Apr 2020)

Channel 12 Arizona Midday: Suicide Epidemic (Mar 2020)

Channel 12 News: Talking Depression & Addiction with Sierra Tucson (Mar 2020)

Shift Shapers Podcast with David Saltzman: What is Stress and How do we Cope? (Mar 2020)

World at Work: Sierra Tucson Statement on Coronavirus Response (Mar 2020)

World at Work: Sierra Tucson CEO: Legal Weed Presents ‘a Quandary’ for Employers (Feb 2020)

Addiction Professional: Center Sees Biofeedback as Untapped Adjunct to Substance Use Treatment (Feb 2020)

Sierra Tucson: 9 Party Survival Tips – when you (or guests) are in recovery (Feb 2020)

Olean Times Herald: Game Reset (Feb 2020)

Phoenix Magazine: Mental and Behavioral Health Awareness (Jan 2020) Leap Into 2020! (Jan/Feb 2020)


Elite Daily:  Here’s How To Be More Mindful in 2019 (Dec 2019)

AZ Big Media: Sierra Tucson introduces outpatient services (Dec 2019)

Los Angeles Times:  9 holiday party survival tips – when you (or a loved one) are in recovery (Dec 2019)

Together AZ:  Thriving in Recovery this Holiday Season (Dec 2019)

Journal of Family Practice:  A patient-centered approach to tapering opioids (Dec 2019)

KNXVSonoran Living: Sierra Tucson Group CEO, Jaime Vinck discuss new outpatient programming (Dec 2019)

KGUN 9 – Morning Blend: Sierra Tucson Group CEO, Jaime Vinck discusses healthy coping habits and new Outpatient Programming (Dec 2019)

KVOI – The Buckmaster Show: Jaime Vinck discusses new Outpatient programming at Sierra Tucson (Dec 2019)

KGUN 9 – Morning Blend: Mike Gaziano shares tips for managing holiday stress (Dec 2019)

KVOI – The Buckmaster Show: Dr. Jerome Lerner discusses the 5-day Comprehensive Assessment Program at Sierra Tucson (Nov 2019)

KGUN 9 – Morning Blend: Dr. Jerome Lerner shares how the 5-day CAP program provides greater insight into patient care (Nov 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living:  Bill Reynolds, PA-C, discusess the Red, White & Blue program, Sierra Tucson’s innovative program for military veterans and first responders (Nov 2019)

Behavioral Health Executive Podcast (BHE):  CEO Jaime Vinck discusses the expansion of Sierra Tucson expansion (Nov 2019)

AZ Business Magazine:   Brighter Outlook – Here’s How Teletherapy is bridging the treatment gap and reducing employee burnout (Sept/Oct 2019)

AZ Big Media: How to deal with Mental Health in the workplace (Oct 2019)

KGUN 9:  Morning Blend: Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal shares the importance of using an integrated model of care when addressing mood and anxiety disorders (Oct 2019)

KBDT Dallas/Fort Worth: Mental Health Moment: Dr. Lynn Jonen discusses the importance of Mental Health Check-ups (Oct 2019)

KVOI: The Buckmaster Show: Dr. Lynn Jonen talks about the importance of treating the whole person when healing mood & anxiety disorders (Oct 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living: Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal discusses the treatment of mood disorders using an integrated model of care (Oct 2019)

ASBA Panel – Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) Health Plus Conference Panel (Oct 2019)

KBDT Dallas/Fort Worth:  Mental Health Moment: Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal discusses complex mood disorders, early intervention, and integrative medicine (Sept 2019)

KGUN 9: Dr. Donald Sansom discusses the Fentanyl Crisis: What’s driving the drug overdose epidemic? (Sept 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living: Dr. Donald Sansom discusses National Recovery Month (Sept 2019)

Tucson Morning Blend:  Sierra Tucson: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit (Sept 2019)

AZ Big Media:   Sierra Tucson expands programs with California campuses (Sept 2019)

KGUN 9 – Morning Blend: Dr. Bennet Davis on why an integrated model of care is critical to healing pain (Aug 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living: Dr. Bennet Davis discusses Healing Chronic Pain (Aug 2019)

Business Radio X – Tucson Business Radio: Small Biz Big Voices:  CEO Jaime Vinck discusses menta wellness, leadership, hospitality, and more (Jul 2019)

KVOI The Buckmaster Show:  Bill Reynolds discusses trauma recovery for military and first responders (Jul 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living:  Bill Reynolds discusses the Red, White, & Blue Program (Jul 2019)

KVOA – News 4 Tucson:  New Red, White, and Blue Program aims to help vets recover from trauma  (Jul 2019)

KOLD – News 13: Specialized program gives military, first responders needed help (Jun 2019)

(UK) Craig Mackinlay MP: Event in Parliament to Raise Awareness of the Harms of Cannabis (Jun 2019)

Tucson Business:  Dr. Bennet Davis explores mind and body medicine to treat pain (Jun 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living: Dr. Jerome Lerner discusses men’s health and overcoming the stigma of asking for help (Jun 2019)

KVOI The Buckmaster Show:  COO Valerie Kading discusses Sierra Tucson integrative model of care (Jun 2019).

KJZZ:  Burnout’ Recognized By The World Health Organization Interview with Jaime Vinck, CEO (Jun 2019)

KGUN 9 Morning Blend: Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Wilson discusses new programming (Jun 2019)

Construction Dive:  How to demolish the construction worker suicide epidemic (May 2019)  TCEM Spotlight: Sierra Tucson CEO Jaime Vinck on Breaking Down Organizational Silos (May 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living:  Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal discusses mood and depression treatment (May 2019)

KVOI The Buckmaster Show:  CEO Jaime Vinck & Brand Management Director Susann Miller discuss what’s new at Sierra Tucson (May 2019)

KNXV – Sonoran Living: Dr. Donnie Sansom discusses Alcohol Awareness Month (Apr 2019)

Bustle:  9 Surprising Signs Your Gut Health Is Struggling (Apr 2019)

Sonoran Living:  Naturopathic Approach to Behavioral Health with Maureen Schwehr, NMD (Mar 2019)

In Public Safety:  Reprogramming Memories: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy (Mar 2019)

Construction UK Magazine: A Building Crisis: UK Construction Workers Suicide Epidemic is a Quiet Danger (Mar 2019)

The Oprah Magazine:   Yes, That Rash Might Actually Be From Stress (Mar 2019)

Sonoran Living:  Underlying Trauma can grow into behavioral health challenges with Aaron Wilson, MD (Feb 2019)

U.S. News & World Report:  Sleep Disorders and Chronic Pain (Feb 2019)

Daily Mail:  ‘The thrill of love can be intoxicating’: As Netflix hit You continues to stun it’s viewers, addiction expert reveals eight warning signs that indicate if YOU are in a similarly unhealthy relationship (Jan 2019)

Cosmopolitan:  8 Signs you’re Being “You”-ed in Your Current Relationship (Jan 2019)

KAZT AZ Daily Mix:  Engaging in Healthy Online Relationships (Jan 2019)

KOLD News 13:  Best way to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions (Jan 2019)

Together AZ Article:  Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year (Jan 2019)


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Arizona Physician: Trauma-Informed Care with Dr. Seymour (Aug 2022)

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Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, Spirit: Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Valerie Kading (Mar 2021)

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Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, Spirit: Family Dynamics and the Importance of Boundaries with Mike Gaziano (Dec 2020)

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Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, Spirit: Alcohol Abuse Disorder-What you need to know with Dr. Donnie Sansom (Oct 2020)

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Healthline: The Psych Central Podcast: Dealing with COVID Anxiety with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (Sept 2020)

Landmark Recovery Radio: The Veteran’s Journey, from Addiction to Recovery with Bill Reynolds (Aug 2020)

Conversations on Healing: Learning to Heal by Uncovering Resilience and Through Intentional Evolution with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (Aug 2020)

Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, Spirit: Removing the Stigma from PTSD with Dr. James Seymour (Aug 2020)

Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, Spirit: Healthcare Heroes with Camille Drachman (Aug 2020)

Becker’s Healthcare: Dr. Valerie Kading, CEO of the Sierra Tucson Group (Jul 2020)

Froglogic Podcast: Pathways of Recovery for Veterans and First Responder with Bill Reynolds (Jun 2020)

Health Talk Podcast: Suicide in the COVID-19 Era with Jaime Vinck (May 2020)

Becker’s Health Podcast: How COVID-19 is affecting mental and behavioral health with Jaime Vinck (May 2020)

Health Talk Podcast: What are the steps to coping with Coronavirus while in Recovery? with Dr. Bennet Davis (Apr 2020)


Bill Buckmaster Show: Outpatient Programming at Sierra Tucson with Jamie Vinck (Dec 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: Comprehensive Assessment Program at Sierra Tucson with Dr. Jerome Lerner (Nov 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: Trauma’s influence on addiction and Chronic Disease with Dr. Donnie Sansom (Sept 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: The Trauma of Pain, The Pain of Trauma with Dr. Bennet Davis (Aug 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: Trauma Recovery for Military and First Responders with Bill Reynolds (Jul 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: Sierra Tucson’s Integrative Model of Care with Dr. Valerie Kadin (Jun 2019)

Bill Buckmaster Show: What’s New at Sierra Tucson with Jamie Vinck (Jun 2019)



Nourishment Webinar: Fundamental Concepts of BLA (June 2022)

Nourishment Webinar: Nutrition’s Role in Therapy (May 2022)

The Healing Power of Nature: Nature-based Therapeutics, and Biophilia (May 2022)

Sierra Tucson: Survivor’s Guilt and Resiliency (May 2022)

The Somatic Approach to Trauma Healing (Apr 2022)

10 Ways of Self-Gratitude (Apr 2022)

Emotional Trauma: It’s Impact and Recovery (Mar 2022)

Relationships in the Age of the Internet: Technology Addiction and Attachment (Mar 2022)

Harm Reduction (Feb 2022)

Nervous System Regulation (Feb 2022)

Parenting Post-Treatment (Feb 2022)

The Upstairs Downstairs Brain (Jan 2022)

Anxiety, Avoidance, and Abandonment: The Relationship between Trauma and Adult Attachment Styles (Jan 2022)

Suicide: Statistics, Causes, Prevention (Jan 2022)


The Preservation of Anxiety An Evolutionary Perspective (Dec 2021)

The Plight of The Veteran (Nov 2021)

The Therapeutic Alliance and a Paradigm Shift in Trauma Recovery (Nov 2021)

Domestic Violence (Oct 2021)

Beyond Depression: TMS as an Evolving Therapeutic Option (Oct 2021)

Marijuana Use Patterns In An Age of Legalization (Sept 2021)

Maternal Mental Health: Busting the myths of motherhood (Sept 2021)

Nourishment Webinar: Positive Psychology (Sept 2021)

Be Healthy 101 (Aug 2021)

Promoting Healing, Health, and Wellness in Times of Burnout with Juan Velez (Aug 2021)

Collaborative Safety Planning (CPS) With Tom Cleereman (Aug 2021)

Unique Challenges of Treating Substance-Abuse Clients Within Our Criminal Justice System with Sean Kewin (Jul 2021)

Nourishment Webinar: Compulsive Self-Destructive Behaviors with Jeffrey Morris  (Jul 2021)

Addiction Professional: Adverse Childhood Experiences with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (Jun 2021)

Nourishment Webinar: Adventure Therapy with Dr. Chris Sharp (Jun 2021)

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Maternal Mental Health: It Shouldn’t be a Secret with Kaila Moles (May 2021)

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Nourishment Webinar: Gender-Informed Care is Trauma-Informed Care with David Cato (May 2021)

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Nourishment Webinar: Stress and How to Manage It with Matthew Merrick (Apr 2021)

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I’m Not Sure I’m Doing This Right with Elaine Hixson-Weiss (Mar 2021)

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Nourishment Series: Anxiety, Trauma & Current Events with David Cato (Jul 2020)

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Measurement-Based Care with Dr. Antoinette Giedzinska (Jun 2020)

Nourishment Series: Our New World of Communication with Sue Menzie (Jun 2020)

Nourishment Series: Family of Origin – How therapeutic factors impact workplace collaboration with Mike Gaziano (Jun 2020)

Alcohol Awareness During a Time of Crisis with Dr. Donnie Sansom (Jun 2020)

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Nourishment Series: Small Change, Big Results: The Science Behind Healthy Habits with Dr. Maureen Schwehr (Jun 2020)

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Nourishment Series: Unexpected Consequence – COVID-19 impacts on ACEs with Dr. Valerie Kading (May 2020)

Harnessing Resilience & Neuroplasticity in the Time of COVID-19 with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (May 2020)

Nourishment Series: Six Steps to Motivate Self Growth with Scott Frazier (May 2020)

Compassion Fatigue and Provider Resilience with Jaime Vinck (May 2020)

The Gut, Brain, Trauma Connection with Dr. Maureen Schwehr (May 2020)

Attachment Trauma and the Nervous System with David Cato (May 2020)

Nourishment with our Thought Leaders: Social Connection in a time of Physical Distance with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (May 2020)

The Pain of Trauma, The Trauma of Pain with Dr. Bennet Davis (Apr 2020)

Nourishment with our Thought Leaders: Coping with Stress with Dr. Lynn Jonen  (Apr 2020)

Nourishment with our Thought Leaders: Trauma-informed Self-Care with Chris Craig (Apr 2020)

Nourishment with Our Thought Leaders: Sustainability of Recovery with Mike Gaziano (Apr 2020)

Suicide, Addiction, and Depression…It’s Complicated presented by Jaime Vinck (Feb 2020)


Post-Traumatic Stress in the Military: honoring Those Who Serve, with Bill Reynolds (Nov 2019)

Trauma Shame and Addiction: How did we get here, and how do we change? With Dr. Donald Sansom (Sept 2019)

What was your childhood like? Examining & Targeting the ACE Elephant in the room & Substance use with Dr. Valerie M. Kading (Jul 2019)

The Pain of Trauma, the Trauma of Pain with Dr. Bennet Davis (Jun 2019)

The Tiramisu Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression with Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal (May 2019)

Restoring Resilience: Pain, Suffering, Inertia, and Recovery with Dr. Jerry Lerner (Feb 2019)


Trauma and the Nervous System with Dr. James Seymour (Nov 2018)

Measuring Clinical Outcomes with Dr. Antoinette Giedzinska (Sept 2018)

A Moving Target: Understanding and Treating Post-Traumatic Stress in Service Members and First Responders with Dr. Aaron Wilson (May 2018)

What Neuroscience Can and Can’t Answer: An Informed Look at Pain with Dr. Bennet Davis  (Feb 2018)


Optimizing Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder: An integrative approach utilizing brain stimulation therapy with Michelle Chacon (Nov 2017)

The Wounded Warrior: Caring for the Invisible Wounds of War with Bill Reynolds (Sept 2017)

The Gut, Brain, Pain Connection with Dr. Maureen Schwehr (May 2017)

It’s Not About Food, It’s About Feeding with Dr. Tena Moyer (Feb 2017)


Early Childhood Trauma and Subsequent Addiction with Dr. Michael Genovese (Feb 2016)

Press Releases

Below are links to media coverage of articles and press releases that Sierra Tucson has contributed to local, national, and international websites.


Sierra Tucson’s CEO, Dr. Valerie Kading, Promoted to VP, Medical & Clinical Development at Acadia Healthcare  (12/15/2022)

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Center Set to Open in Scottsdale (01/25/2022)


Employees View Alcohol, Drug Use As Benefit Of Work-From-Home During Pandemic – May Bring Drug Habits Back To Workplace, Sierra Tucson Survey Shows (11/10/2021)


Sierra Tucson Names New Director of Resident Experience (10/12/2020)

Newsweek Selects Sierra Tucson as Arizona’s Best Addiction Treatment Center (8/26/2020)

New Healthcare Heroes Trauma Recovery Programs Launched by Sierra Tucson During Covid19 Crisis; (05/20/2020)

Close Up Televisions Spotlights Jaime Vinck; (01/14/2020)

Sierra Tucson Appoints New CMO, Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal; (01/06/2020)


Sierra Tucson announces Outpatient Programming; (12/04/2019)

Acadia Healthcare Promotes Executives to Lead Sierra Tucson Group; (09/11/2019)

Sierra Tucson Expands Recovery Center Offerings with California Campuses; (08/21/2019)

Sierra Tucson Expands with Opening of New Behavioral Health Building, Copper Sky; (06/06/2019)

Sierra Tucson Opens Doors to New Behavioral Health Lodge; (05/19/2019)


Sierra Tucson Builds Medical Power Team with Addition of Seven Health Leaders; (09/2018)

Sierra Tucson Announces Appointment of Chief Medical Officer; (03/08/2018)


Sierra Tucson Announces the Appointment of a New Chief Executive Officer; (12/04/2017)

Sierra Tucson Expands Prestigious Medical Professional Team; (11/16/2017)

Connect365 Introduces a First-of-its-kind App for People in Recovery; (01/24/2017)


Sierra Tucson Provides Hope to Depression Sufferers Through Innovative TMS Therapy; (03/16/2016)

Sierra Tucson Welcomes West Coast Alumni Coordinator; (02/16/2016)

Sierra Tucson Partners with Supermodel EMME for #BodyBeaUtiful Campaign; (01/27/2016)


Below are a list of valuable information for professionals and potential clients.

Media Contact

Sierra Tucson, a renowned leader in clinical excellence and compassionate care for mental health conditions, welcomes inquiries from journalists. On deadline, our clinicians can provide expert advice and interviews for broadcast, print, and online stories about alcohol use and drug addiction, chronic stress and anxiety, suicide, disordered eating, trauma-related issues and PTSD, pain management, and mood disorders.

Please send all inquiries to:

Paul Maccabee, President at Maccabee – PR for Sierra Tucson

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Sierra Tucson experts are speaking around the world.  Whether it’s a presentation, a webinar, a podcast, television/radio/print interview or published articles, our team of providers are educating leaders in integrated care.  To request a Sierra Team expert, please fill out the below form for consideration.

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