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New Year’s Resolutions and Recovery

Embracing progress, not perfection The New Year is upon us! As we bid farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms, it seems only natural to make a list of resolutions. But when lofty goals become set-ups for let-downs, it can lead to depression and self-doubt. At Sierra Tucson, we acknowledge the excitement that … Read More

LGBTrauma: The Importance of Cultural Competency and Trauma-Informed Care

By David Cato, MSW, LMSW Primary Therapist, Trauma Recovery Program Growing up as an LGBTQ individual in Northeast Texas was difficult. When I began to question my orientation, there were no resources. I did not know any other LGBTQ individuals and no one else knew how to help me once I began to come out. … Read More

Trauma-Informed Care

Reducing one’s shame by using a non-pathologizing approach   By James Seymour, MD Director, Trauma Recovery Program at Sierra Tucson At Sierra Tucson, we provide what is referred to as Trauma-Informed Care for all of our residents. Trauma-Informed Care is the recognition by the treatment program and the clinical staff that a history of childhood trauma is … Read More

Trauma Support Services for Our First Responders

In the wake of the recent tragedies and turmoil surrounding our nation’s men and women in blue, Sierra Tucson is partnering with Safe Call Now to help those affected by the police shootings. Post-traumatic stress (PTS) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cause severe emotional distress, and symptoms often intensify over time. Our Trauma Recovery Team … Read More

When Helpers Need Help

A partnership between Sierra Tucson and Safe Call Now addresses first responders and their need for professional support First responders are regularly exposed to traumatic events during the course of their career. Many of them, however, do not seek outside help and instead attempt to recover in isolation. Sierra Tucson is partnering with Safe Call … Read More

Spotlight on Trauma Recovery

A newly released film opens up important discussion about sexual abuse and trauma recovery The movie Spotlight is based on the true story of how a small team of investigative journalists from The Boston Globe exposed a decades-long conspiracy to cover up clergy child molestation. In 2001, the Globe’s “Spotlight Team” investigated abuse allegations in the Catholic Church. Their findings proved … Read More