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Importance of Detox

The importance of detox for alcohol addiction

Those who become addicted to alcohol rarely ever start drinking thinking that they are going to become trapped within a vicious cycle of alcohol abuse. However, if an individual starts drinking beer, wine, or spirits on a normal basis and in larger amounts, an addiction to this substance is likely. For many struggling with this type of concern, every area of life is bound to be impacted and the ability to end one’s drinking can prove to be highly challenging.

For a select few, being able to suddenly stop drinking can happen, however for the majority of individuals dealing with an alcohol addiction, help is often needed. As time passes and one’s drinking continues, tolerance develops, which then requires the individual to consume more of their drink of choice in greater amounts and more frequently. Soon, the individual’s body gets used to the presence of alcohol and is unable to function without it. When this happens, it signifies that an individual has developed a chemical dependency and will suffer a handful of unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms when the drinking ends.

However, if an individual decides that they want to stop their abuse of alcohol, there are lifesaving options for care out there. Of the many that are available, residential treatment that includes detoxification (or detox) services is one of the most beneficial options for care that has changed the lives of many individuals worldwide. Our rehab includes treatment at our medical detox center. Aside from the benefits provided within residential treatment, detox services are able to kick start one toward their recovery goals. Within this intervention, the pain and upset that can come along with the beginning stages of ending an alcohol addiction can be reduced and lay a solid foundation for a successful treatment experience.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of alcohol detox at our treatment center

As the best detox center and rehab, Sierra Tucson’s qualified medical professionals provide our patients with the utmost care. When not under the care of professionals, those who are addicted to alcohol and who suddenly end their drinking are more likely to keep drinking. Unaddressed mental and environmental factors paired with strong cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms can trigger an individual to drink just one more drink. Before long, the plan to stay sober can become a far off desire.

However, by engaging in care that supplies detox, the following positive results are likely to occur instead:

  • The health of the patient improves as traces of alcohol are removed from the bodies of those in treatment.
  • The ability to think clearly comes back, which can allow patients to focus on other aspects of their recovery in an effective manner.
  • The risks linked to ongoing alcohol abuse are dramatically minimized.
  • Cravings to drink are lessened.
  • The physical symptoms of withdrawal are diminished.
  • The risk for relapse becomes less provided that treatment centers do not allow patients in their care to have access to alcohol or other substances.

Failure to obtain treatment at a center that includes detox can be disastrous for someone who is grappling with alcohol addiction. As was mentioned before, once an individual ends their drinking, the process of withdrawal begins, which can signify the development of another pattern of alcohol abuse. When this happens, an individual’s drinking is likely to get worse, as attempts to reduce withdrawal symptoms can cause users to drink in excess to help speed up the desired feelings of calm. Consuming great amounts of spirits, beer, or wine is very dangerous to one’s health and can cause an individual to suffer an overdose within a short period of time.

Also referred to as alcohol poisoning, an overdose that comes after the over-consumption of alcohol can be deadly. In addition, numerous health concerns can develop if an individual remains addicted to this substance, which can also prevent one from living a long, healthy life. For these reasons and more, it is imperative to consider a treatment center that includes detox so that these risks can be reduced entirely.

As a premier detox center, at Sierra Tucson we believe that recovery and healing are possible, and no matter how long you or a loved one has been struggling with an alcohol addiction, we can help. Our high-quality residential treatment center supplies detox services, proven effective treatments, and the support of devoted, compassionate professionals. If you or your loved one has been looking for a provider that is dedicated to seeing individuals succeed on the road to recovery, look no further. Call us right now.

At Sierra Tucson, a joyful, hopeful, sober future is within reach.

Sierra Tucson helped me to look at the reasons I behaved the way I did and treated the whole person. That is how Sierra Tucson differs from other treatment programs.

– Anonymous Client
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