Depression Treatment FAQ & Information

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized most frequently by a chronic, low mood. Depression is more than just a case of “the blues,” and has the ability to impact your mental, physical, and emotional health in many ways.

What are the best treatment centers for depression?

The best treatment centers for depression provide residential care with a comprehensive, individualized approach. When seeking out a depression treatment center for yourself or a loved one, search for programming that is customized to each patient’s needs. There are a wide variety of treatment program styles available, with specialized tracks designed to address substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and more for specific ages and populations.

Why go to an inpatient treatment program for depression?

Inpatient treatment allows you to escape the pressures and responsibilities of daily life for a time, and focus solely on your goals for recovery. With around-the-clock care and 24/7 supervision, this setting is ideal for those whose needs are beyond what a traditional outpatient treatment setting can provide.

What does effective treatment for depression consist of?

Effective depression treatment is comprehensive, personalized, and multifaceted. It addresses the fact that this illness affects each person in unique ways, and is a thoughtful balance of structure and flexibility. Effective depression treatment consists of a blend of time-tested interventions and holistic, experiential therapies that integrate healing in the mind and body.

Can you recover from depression?

Yes. While the pain of depression is real, recovery is possible with the right supports. With professional help, you can learn to manage your symptoms and increase your self-awareness so that you can prevent symptoms of depression from taking control of your life in the future.

What are severe depression symptoms?

Severe depression impacts both the mind and the body, and can manifest as acute physical pain, extreme fatigue, anxiousness, irritability, a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, sleep problems, unintended weight fluctuation, sexual dysfunction, marital discord, loss of meaningful relationships, professional instability, and more.

What is treatment for depression like?

Like all treatment experiences, the treatment of depression starts with a thorough evaluation. From there, your treatment team will use the evaluation’s results to create a personal plan of care that reflects your strengths, challenges, and personal goals for recovery. This plan will evolve throughout your time in treatment and will prepare you for life after your time in residential care comes to a close.

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Marks of Quality Care
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