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Understanding Drugs

Understanding drugs & long-term effects

Individuals who partake in the abuse of substances rarely plan to become addicted. In fact, most people who first abuse a drug and/or alcohol do not intend on becoming habitual users of such substances in any kind of regular way, but then often find themselves unable to stop on their own when the amount and frequency of their substance abuse increases. When this occurs, an individual can be trapped in the insidious cycle of addiction, unable to break free without the assistance of professionals.

However, when the time comes for a person to finally feel as though they are ready to reclaim their life from addiction, seeking out appropriate treatment becomes the most viable option. Among the many options for care that currently exist, a residential treatment center that includes detoxification services, or detox, is the most effective and beneficial choice available. By partaking in treatment that offers detox and the best therapeutic elements of care, an individual can rid their body of harmful substances of abuse and develop the skills needed to support a life of sobriety.

Withdrawal Process

What happens during drug withdrawal

The longer an individual abuses a substance, or substances, the more likely their body is of becoming accustomed to the substance(s) that is being ingested. In becoming accustomed to the presence of drugs and/or alcohol, the person’s body also begins to adapt its functioning to having the substance(s) present. When this occurs, an individual develops a physical dependence on their substance(s) of choice, which means that the person will endure withdrawal symptoms in the event that they no longer abuse the substance.

Withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol can be an uncomfortable, painful, and even deadly process to go through. An individual may experience feelings of being ill, cognitive disruptions, such as memory loss and confusion, and altered states of perception. The reason why said effects emerge is because the body is trying to regulate its functioning without the substance(s) of abuse present.

Given the discomfort and dangers associated with withdrawal, it is important to go through this process under the supervision of medical professionals so that one is able to venture through the steps of recovery in the safest manner possible.

Detox Process

Detoxification at 0ur drug addiction treatment center

When not in a treatment setting, an individual who first experiences the pangs of withdrawal often resorts back to the abuse of substances in an attempt to alleviate their discomfort. However, within the safe confines of a reputable treatment center, a person can get through this phase of care with minimal disruption and the support of compassionate professionals.

As the best drug detox center, at Sierra Tucson we are pleased to offer detox services so that adults of all genders can experience the jumpstart they need to make great strides in their recovery. Offered through our onsite Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit, detox at our center is a personalized endeavor that includes numerous interventions designed to foster healing and eradicate the discomfort of withdrawal in the most efficient manner possible. At our detox center, our staff of dedicated professionals supervises every step of this part of care, and strives to ensure that each individual is successful while at our treatment center. Once detox services are complete, individuals are welcome to partake in the residential treatment we offer, so as to then focus on true healing and achieving sobriety.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox

Long-term benefits of detox for drug addiction

When one’s body is cleared of harmful substances of abuse, a person can then focus on the contributing factors that led to the development of the addiction in the first place. Many individuals often fail to realize the importance of receiving detox services, and find themselves quickly relapsing when the physical aspect of addiction is not addressed at the beginning of one’s stay at our rehab center. By receiving detox services, however, a person’s withdrawal symptoms can be tended to, physical dependence can be alleviated, and the attention can be given to the reasons why one has become addicted and how to best prepare for a future that us substance-free.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from top-of-the-line care that includes the best detox services, look no further than our rehab center. Our caring staff coupled with our time-tested interventions and therapeutic approaches can help you or your loved one finally live the drug and/or alcohol-free life that is deserving of all people.

Call us today to learn more about our services, schedule an assessment, or plan for a tour of our renowned center. At our premier treatment center, a more prosperous and sober tomorrow awaits.

Sierra Tucson has turned my life around 180 degrees. Every aspect of my life is greatly improved and enhanced!

– Anonymous Client
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