Stay Connected; Stay Accountable; Stay Focused on Recovery

Connect365 is Sierra Tucson’s unique continuing care service that provides hope and recovery support.

One day; 24 hours; 1,440 minutes; 86,400 seconds — this window of time can be one of the most treacherous, challenging, and looming obstacles a person may face once he or she completes residential treatment. There are two paths the individual can take: One leads to a strong foundation of recovery work with a continuing care focus; the other can lead to an early relapse and emotional/behavioral setbacks.

For many, the first few hours after leaving our campus are not only exciting, but they also provide opportunities for individuals to fall back into old behaviors and patterns. By the time a person gets in the car or arrives at the airport following residential treatment at Sierra Tucson, his or her brain and the neurochemistry within is working overtime to sort out the many potential situations that can lead to emotional and behavioral relapse. Within four to six hours of discharge, he or she may have reconnected with old friends, returned to an unhealthy environment, or possibly used substances. Research has shown that if providers can reach out to this person within the first 24 hours following treatment, they can help set the tone for the recovery process and strengthen his or her continuing care plan.

Making the Connection

Last fall, Sierra Tucson launched Connect365—a signature and complimentary continuing care service available to all residents following treatment completion. With Connect365, one of our on-site recovery coaches contacts the individual within 24 hours after he or she leaves the facility.

Since its inauguration, Connect365 now serves approximately 400 participants. Built on a foundation that focuses on therapeutic recovery through ongoing coaching and a support network, Connect365’s core principles include collaboration, accountability, and support. What separates Connect365 from other similar programs is the way in which recovery coaches collaborate with our Continuing Care department; together, they develop a personalized continuing care plan throughout the course of an individual’s treatment.

Recovery Coaches

From the beginning, Sierra Tucson’s Connect365 recovery coaches form a supportive relationship with each resident with whom they are paired. This connection continues throughout his or her treatment stay, with weekly meetings and ongoing communication. Prior to departure, recovery coaches review the components of Connect365 with participants and emphasize its importance for successful, long-term recovery. This relationship-building process helps create a strong and supportive bond that will continue to grow. Recovery coaches encourage accountability by checking in weekly for one full year following treatment to monitor each participant’s progress and to offer support in times of difficulty.

Clarity, Not Therapy

Staff members of Sierra Tucson’s Connect365 help clients gain clarity through goal setting and the development of personal growth skills. Connect365 includes a HIPPA-compliant web portal that participants can log onto daily to share their progress. The portal reinforces collaborative communication with the participant’s support team members, which may include a therapist, medical provider, or family members, to name a few. In addition to personal accountability and healthy boundary setting, Connect365 allows family members to observe weekly progress without fostering a codependent relationship. The object of the support team is to encourage the participant’s recovery work without monitoring or directing his or her care. If needed, a messaging process is in place wherein a support team member may notify the recovery coach should he or she have concerns about the participant. If more elaborate accountability is necessary (perhaps for licensure or court requirements), further information—with the client’s consent—can also be shared through geo-tracking services and other monitoring tools designed to enhance the individual’s recovery progress.

Connect365’s list of services includes alerts and links to additional resources on the web portal that can be downloaded onto handheld devices and personal computers. Moreover, there are built-in incentives for participants to enhance their interactive experience. A weekly video link can be accessed, which features footage that is reminiscent of their time at Sierra Tucson (i.e., equine therapy work, meditation videos, demonstrations of Tibetan singing bowls, Sierra Tucson staff members together in a drumming circle). Other videos may highlight one of our yoga instructors performing a short pose or meditative exercise that clients can do at home to bring focus on emotional and spiritual growth during daily recovery activities.

Connect365 and its dedicated team of recovery coaches truly help to build on the recovery work accomplished while at Sierra Tucson, enhancing participants’ emotional, physical, and spiritual recovery. From the moment an individual walks through our doors, the continuing care process has begun. We are committed to each person’s ongoing journey toward wellness and recovery.


For more information about Connect365 or Sierra Tucson’s continuing care approach, call our Admissions Coordinators at (855) 821-2842.