Self-Medication Nation Survey

A staggering one in five (21%) U.S. employees admit they’ve used alcohol, marijuana, or other recreational drugs while employed remotely this year – a similar percentage admitted using alcohol during the workday. Of those who used, three out of four (73%) state that if their employer insists that they return to the office, they’ll miss the opportunity to use marijuana, alcohol, and other recreational drugs during their workday. And what about drugs and virtual meetings on platforms such as Zoom or MS Teams? Twenty-two percent of employees surveyed said they had participated in a virtual work call while under the influence of marijuana, alcohol or other recreational drugs!

Those are among the stunning findings of the new “Self-Medication Nation: The Numbing of America” survey, commissioned by Arizona-based mental health treatment center Sierra Tucson. Among the other conclusions of Sierra Tucson’s “Self-Medication Nation” Ipsos survey:

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