Residential Accountability and Safety Coaches (RASCs)

At Sierra Tucson, we take the safety and wellbeing of our residents seriously. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality resident relationship and experience, as well as adhering to rigorous safety standards. Our longstanding commitment to deliver clinical excellence is the bedrock upon which our center was built.

What Is a RASC?

Sierra Tucson employs a team of Residential Accountability and Safety Coaches, also known as RASCs, to help bridge the gap between safety and assisting a resident to maintain his or her own level of accountability. Each RASC is trained in trauma-informed care, ethics, motivational interviewing, crisis prevention intervention, boundaries, customer service, and other related skills to keep our residents and campus safe. Our goal is to closely track residents and their whereabouts, while creating a least-restrictive environment that allows for autonomy and responsibility. RASCs are also responsible for engaging and supporting residents throughout the duration of their stay at Sierra Tucson. Ultimately, RASCs help to foster a safe recovery environment that encourages accountability and prepares residents for life outside of treatment.

Campus Safety

By ensuring the safety of every resident at Sierra Tucson, RASCs also maintain the wellbeing of the entire campus. Each RASC is assigned to a specific lodge on campus in order to establish a therapeutic rapport with residents and deliver comprehensive recovery services. RASCs also assist with accountability implementation by participating in meetings with the treatment team to identify harmful recovery behaviors that may arise. Communication between residents and staff has become more efficient since implementing the role of the RASC, thus promoting a healthy, recovery-oriented community.

Creating the Resident Relationship and Experience

When it comes to our residents, quality service is our top priority. We want each individual to feel safe and supported from the moment he or she walks through our doors until the time of discharge, and well beyond treatment completion via Connect365 and Alumni Relations. Due to the continuous presence of our RASCs, we have developed a more resident-driven, resident-friendly atmosphere. In everything we do at Sierra Tucson, we strive for resident satisfaction and clinical excellence. As leaders in the behavioral and mental health care industry, we are continually raising the bar on safety to ensure our facility meets the highest standards.