Codependency Treatment

Codependency has increasingly become a focus of addiction treatment as clinicians continually work on addressing family issues that contribute to addiction (and other problematic behaviors).

Understanding Codependent Behavior

Codependent behavior is when one sacrifices their personal well being to “enable” addictive behavior in a loved one.  It is very common that individuals struggling with an addiction or an eating disorder will have at least one codependent family member who is enabling the problem behavior – thus inhibiting the recovery process.

Also, codependency and addiction are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as any person can be experiencing symptoms of both.

Residential Setting for Addressing Addictive Behavior

Sierra Tucson offers a residential program which allows our clinicians to work closely with our clients in a neutral environment away from the home. The integration of the family into the treatment process is recommended at the appropriate stages and issues like codependent family members enabling the resident’s behavior are addressed with our counselors.

For more information about the Family Program at Sierra Tucson, visit our Family Program page. Please call our admissions counselors immediately if you or a loved one are struggling with a life threatening disease like an addiction or an eating disorder.