Alumni Testimonials & Reviews of Sierra Tucson

Hear from our alumni and their family and friends who experienced what treatment is like at Sierra Tucson. Our hope is that you find these reviews and testimonials to be helpful in your search for finding the best fit for you or a loved one.

“The time spent at Sierra Tucson was the true beginning of my journey. Not only did I overcome my addictions, but I began to focus on the root causes that created my compulsions. I understand myself so much better now.”

-Mike, Dallas, TX

“You gave me a ‘do over’ in life, and my children and I are eternally grateful.”

~Susan, Atlanta, GA

“Sierra Tucson has turned my life around 180 degrees. Every aspect of my life is greatly improved and enhanced!”

~Cyrus, Encino, CA

“Sierra Tucson opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities of a happy and healthy life of recovery and renewal. I was able to rekindle my spirituality and resolve deeply held issues of my disease. The staff and community come together as one in a cohesive and structured program that heals the body, mind, and soul. I am continuing to work a program based on the Sierra Tucson Model®.”

~Brett, Valley Village, CA

“At Sierra Tucson, I discovered more about my self and my life than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend EMDR to anyone, as it was an incredible experience that will continue to benefit me in my daily life.”

~Kate, San Antonio, TX

“Sierra Tucson helped me to look at the reasons I behaved the way I did and treated the whole person. That is how Sierra Tucson differs from other treatment programs.”


“My 30 days at Sierra Tucson literally saved my family and got me focused on my new journey.”

~Paul, McKinney, TX

“There are no words to explain how great my life has become since my 4/89 miracle of Sierra Tucson.”

~Peg, Brentwood, TN

“Sierra Tucson gave me ‘new life!’ With continuing in my program, I feel that my life is better… fuller than I have ever experienced. For me, Sierra Tucson was a life-saver!”


“I firmly believe that Sierra Tucson saved my daughter’s life. My wife and I had tried nearly everything, with only very limited but never lasting success. Sierra Tucson’s program turned my daughter’s life around, put her on the path to recovery, and gave her the life-long skills to succeed, where everyone else had failed. I wholeheartedly support Sierra Tucson’s program and would recommend it to any person.”

~James, Houston, TX

“In 1990 I came to Sierra Tucson for childhood sexual trauma and began an intense healing journey that has brought me to the other side of a life filled with fear. I am sober and clean and have an immense spiritual life, which started at Sierra. I know what love is today due to my work at Sierra Tucson.

~Laura, Alpharetta, GA

“Sierra Tucson changed my life.

I will forever be indebted and forever grateful.”


“Sierra Tucson gave me a chance to live the life I was always meant to have. Sierra Tucson gave me a new chance at life, and I will always be grateful.

I am a brand new woman!”

~Nancy, Katy, TX

“It is so amazing how much my relationships with both my parents and friends have grown since I went to Sierra Tucson.”


“The Sierra Tucson experience brought sanity back into my life. Family week helped heal the wounds of my husband and four children. Sierra Tucson saved my life!”

~Roberta, Laredo, TX

“Sierra Tucson has given me serenity in my life by helping me to accept my past and get to the core of my personality defects.”

~Austin, TX

“My son’s addiction brought me to Sierra Tucson—and started me on my own path to recovery through Al-Anon. I’m grateful to both my son and to Sierra Tucson for being such good teachers.”

~Peter, Austin, TX

“Sierra Tucson has been a wonderful change for my whole family. My marriage is stronger, my family is more peaceful, and I am fun to be around.”

~Michael, New Iberia, LA

“Sierra Tucson planted the seed for every miracle that’s taken place since 1991. How do you describe something like that?”

~Alessa, Venice, CA

“The Sierra Tucson experience has changed all our family’s lives. The marriage has strengthened as we both work our programs, individually and together. Thank you for giving us new life!”

~Mary Lou

“Sierra Tucson was a new beginning. It was a start to a life that I did not believe was possible!”

~Lee, Atlanta, GA

“My experience at Sierra Tucson has given me the knowledge I need, along with the strength, to cope with many difficult situations that life may present.”

~Tommy, Abbeville, LA

“Sierra Tucson started me on the road back to my life. Those days shaped my recovery, and I am filled with gratitude.”


“My treatment experience taught me how to live. My life before was a fast track to death.”

~Lisa, San Antonio, TX

“I can find only one way to convey my life-saving and life-changing experience at Sierra Tucson: When I visualize myself back in the warm sun and the completely safe, nurturing environment, tears always come to my eyes. Thank you.”


“I am so grateful for my trip to Sierra Tucson. It really marked the beginning of my recovery process. The experience was so powerful and so positive and loving…”

~Holly, Austin, TX

“I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for Sierra Tucson. One of my best friends went there in April of 2000. When he came back, he had totally transformed himself and his way of life. He has been sober from everything ever since he came back. I saw the before and after of this remarkable individual, and I can’t begin to explain what an incredible change has taken place. Thank you so much, Sierra Tucson.”


“The family experience was outstanding. Having the whole family attend created a special bond.”

~Family Program participant

“Our 20-year-old son graduated from Sierra Tucson this April. I never knew how much I didn’t now him during his high school years until my experience with him during the Family Program. It turns out he is a wonderful, caring, and compassionate young man. I’m delighted to have my son back and thrilled to know he wants to have a relationship with me.”

~Mark, Pompey, NY

“After several facilities failed, Sierra Tucson’s program saved my daughter’s life. The Family Program saved our family and helped the recovery of all.”

~Ric, Northbrook, IL

“Thanks to the Family Program at Sierra Tucson, I am now a grateful member of Al-Anon, with a great home group and a great sponsor. I am working my way through the Steps and am already enjoying the rewards of ‘letting go and letting God.’ “

~Bruce, Seattle, WA

“A very healing experience for my family and myself—it deepened our relationships and understanding of each other.”

~Susy, Puyallup, WA

“Thank you for the Family Program. Due to alcoholism, our 25th anniversary had appeared to be our last, as divorce seemed imminent. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last month!

Thank you.”


“I was a family member at Sierra Tucson for my daughter. The experience was outstanding. It created an openness to our communication we never had before. Thank you, Sierra Tucson.”

~Family Program participant, Dallas, TX

“Sierra Tucson provided our family with the opportunity to achieve the cohesion, love, and security that we lacked for a very long time.

Thank you!”

~Todd, St. Paul, MN

“My husband seems a changed man, and one of my sons found it the most valuable experience of his life. Thank you for all the work you do.”

~Jan, San Diego, CA

“After 25 years sober, I had to get help with my PTSD. Three years later, I haven’t had any night terrors or startled responses like I had for 35 years after Viet Nam.”

~Austin, TX

“Sierra Tucson provided me with firm ground to base my present and future life. The skills and encouragement nurtured by the Sierra community lives and breathes through me every day of my life. With undying gratutude, I salute each of you.”

~Lana, Lago Vista, TX

“Sierra Tucson taught me how to embrace my life with love and compassion instead of running away from it.”

~Noula, Snellville, GA

Sierra Tucson opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities of a happy and healthy life of recovery and renewal. I was able to rekindle my spirituality and resolve deeply held issues of my disease. The staff and community come together as one in a cohesive and structured program that heals the body, mind, and soul. I am continuing to work a program based on the Sierra Tucson Model®.

– Anonymous Client
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