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Roberto Noperi, MSC, NCC, LAC

Primary Therapist

A Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC), trained in EMDR therapy, Roberto is well-practiced in helping persons struggling with mood disorders and PTSD that can result from a history of trauma and other co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse and developmental trauma. Roberto incorporates treatment methods to help build healthy support and empower clients to develop self-autonomy. He finds reward in helping people explore new ways to process information that can lead to long-lasting and permanent change. Roberto’s approach to therapy is tailored to the individual person’s needs enveloping behavioral therapies, consideration of spiritual preferences, and other modalities on the history of origins such as psychodynamic therapy of all counseling services, individual, family, and group therapy.

Roberto is experienced in many treatment settings including court-ordered treatment, re-entry populations, and personal growth consultations. Roberto is a native of Arizona and considers helping in the community, a privilege, and Yes, “Yo hablo Español.” He has an extensive history of volunteer work in the community with homicide survivors and rescue missions in the area. He holds personal and professional understandings of the long-term effects of anxiety and depression with the family of origin, domestic violence, anger management, life skills, substance abuse, and other mental health disorders. He is always eager to help others explore purpose and gain self-worth. He is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling (MSC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a member of The Arizona Counseling Association (ACA). Roberto is dedicated in his role of Primary Therapist with Sierra Tucson and takes pride in balancing a healthy family and work life. You will find Roberto listed in PsychologyToday.com as inactive due to his current focus at Sierra Tucson where he is an integral part of clinical staff working alongside other clinicians, medical staff, and psychiatrists in a highly collaborative setting for optimizing successful treatment outcomes for the families and individuals we serve.

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