Individualized Treatment for Professionals

At Sierra Tucson, we recognize that our residents share much in common, but that we must also be mindful of the stressors and circumstances facing each individual. Men and women who are in high-pressure professions may be the first to offer help to others but the last to recognize the need within themselves. Even if they do, many put off treatment because they feel it would take too much time away from work.

We have developed a curriculum at Sierra Tucson in which professionals can receive world-class, discreet treatment that includes mindfulness and stress-reduction practices, bodywork, offsite 12-Step meetings, and SMART Recovery. Psychiatrists and other providers deliver treatment based on the unique circumstances of professionals who are struggling with addictions and co-occurring disorders. We take the real world into account during treatment by offering accommodations such as “healthy electronics” time, which allows residents to address business needs in a structured, caring environment. We also cater Family Program work in a manner relevant to the professional and his or her loved ones.

Phil Mitchell, MA, MFT (CA), MAC, a primary therapist at Sierra Tucson who works closely with professionals, poses the following questions to this population:
  • Despite your successes, are there areas in your life that you feel are lacking or unfulfilled?
  • Is there an addictive behavior that takes the quality of life away from you and your loved ones?
  • Have you been moving so fast in your life that you’re losing touch with who you are and who you want to be?
  • Have others – friends, loved ones, colleagues, a professional board – noticed certain changes in your behavior and encouraged you to get help and support?
  • Are you open, interested, perhaps eager to regain a sense of quality and higher purpose in your life?

If the individual answers yes to any of these questions, Sierra Tucson can provide him or her with an opportunity to reset and recalibrate–mind, body, and spirit. We ensure confidentiality in a safe, structured environment that respects the privacy of each professional.

Each resident at Sierra Tucson receives a core team, which includes an experienced and skilled psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and many holistic specialty therapists and practitioners. Residents participate in educational lectures and workshops amid the breathtaking setting of the Santa Catalina Mountains; engage in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, equine and challenge course therapy, Somatic Experiencing® Therapy, and EMDR, to name a few; and take part in Family Week, which offers a powerful healing experience for the individual and his or her loved ones.