Sierra Tucson Is ‘On the Air’ with That Sober Guy Radio

Sierra Tucson is proud to have been a part of the 2016 Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare conference in Nashville, Tennessee, presented by Foundations Events. The goal of this annual conference is to “powerfully impact the sustainable health of your organization, your career and most importantly, your patients.” This year, Foundations Events joined forces with That Sober Guy Radio, hosted and founded by Shane Ramer. Ramer’s podcast discusses alcoholism, addiction, and recovery, and includes guests who are living sober, as well as treatment professionals in the field.

Sierra Tucson’s own Chief Medical Officer Michael Genovese, MD, JD, and Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Jane Vargas had the pleasure of joining Ramer for a podcast interview at this year’s conference. They spoke on the unique treatment provided at Sierra Tucson, specifically for trauma and addiction recovery.

“Education, for both those inside and outside of the behavioral health industry, is a vital social change that we want to bring about as a community. Starting the conversation in our homes, our local communities, and with other wellness professionals is just one of many ways to educate the public about the addiction epidemic,” Vargas says.

“Where you thought there was no hope before, the one thing I can tell you is that we can find something to be hopeful about.” – Dr. Michael Genovese, Sierra Tucson

There is hope. There is a conversation to be started and heard by many.

We invite you to listen online as Genovese and Vargas speak about the 32-plus years of treatment Sierra Tucson has provided, and the thousands of individuals and families impacted through our comprehensive services and prolific partnerships in the industry.