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Realizing that it is time to seek treatment is a monumental moment. Reaching out to get information can truly be the first step toward a whole new life.

When you contact our intake team, we will first offer you compassion and support. We will listen, without judgment, and we will answer any and all questions that you may have.

Your conversation with us will be a free, personal and private consultation. We have experience and expertise in dealing with the full range of addiction and behavioral health disorders; we know what you are feeling, and we will make you comfortable as we walk you through the process.

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Sierra Tucson opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities of a happy and healthy life of recovery and renewal. I was able to rekindle my spirituality and resolve deeply held issues of my disease. The staff and community come together as one in a cohesive and structured program that heals the body, mind, and soul. I am continuing to work a program based on the Sierra Tucson Model®.

– Anonymous Client