Our Team

The team at Sierra Tucson is committed to clinical excellence and compassionate care. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals deliver cutting-edge therapies for the treatment of addictions, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, disordered eating, and co-occurring disorders. Meet the talented individuals who make up the Sierra Tucson team.

Executive Team

  • Jaime_Vinck
    Jaime W. Vinck, MC, LPC, NCC, CEIP

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Valerie_Kading_DSC03937_cl-030316
    Valerie M. Kading, DNP, PMHNP-BC

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer at residential treatment center
    Amy C. Fritton Grudinschi

    Chief Financial Officer

  • SueMenzie_WSM_7218
    Sue Menzie, BSN, MS

    Chief Quality/Risk Officer

  • Blake Masters
    Blake Master

    Director of Admissions

Medical Team

  • SierraTucson-Staff-AaronWilson (2)
    Aaron Wilson, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Director of Trauma Recovery Program
    James Seymour, MD

    Director of the Trauma Recovery Program

  • Bennet E. Davis, MD
    Bennet E. Davis, MD

    Director of the Pain Recovery Program

  • Dr_Moyer_Photo_cl_DSC04035
    Tena Moyer, MD

    Director of Liaison Psychiatry

  • Dianne KelleCo-director of Desert Flower Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit
    Dianne Keller, MD

    Co-director of Desert Flower Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit

  • Co-director of inpatient behavioral health unit
    Shannon Padilla, DNP

    Co-director of Desert Flower Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit

  • Larisa Biznichuk, MS, PMHNP-BC
    Larisa Biznichuk, MS, PMHNP-BC

    Attending Psychiatric/Medical Provider for Eating Recovery Services

  • Bill_Reynolds_DSC04322_CL-112015
    Bill Reynolds, PA-C

    Associate Director of Addiction Recovery Program

  • Samuel_Shapiro
    Samuel Shapiro, MD

    Addiction Medicine Physician

  • Physical Therapist
    Anthony Henderson, DPT

    Physical Therapist

  • Dr. Maureen Schwehr
    Maureen Schwehr, NMD

    Director of Integrative Services

  • Erin Hayford, NMD
    Erin Hayford, NMD, BCB

    Naturopathic Physician

  • naturopathic medicine
    Emily Coombs, NMD

    Naturopathic Physician

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    Juan Carlos Velez, MSN, PMHNP-BC

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Antoinette Giedzinska-Simons
    Antoinette Giedzinska-Simons, PhD

    Director of Behavioral Medicine

  • Lynn Jonen, PhD
    Lynn Jonen, PhD

    Psychologist Supervisor

  • Andrew-Stropko-PhD_Psychologist-Supervisor_IMG_4128
    Andrew Stropko, PhD

    Psychologist Supervisor

  • Liz_Dampsey_IMG_0455_cl-021616
    Liz Dampsey, PhD, SEP

    Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

  • DavidDennyPsyD_IMG_3155_cl-092117
    David Denny, PsyD

    Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

  • Susan-Stanko-RN_Bio-Neurofeedback_Practitioner_IMG_4255
    Susan Stanko, RN

    Biofeedback Practitioner

Clinical Team

  • Clinical Director of Residential Treatment Center
    Camille Drachman, MSW, LCSW, SEP

    Clinical Director

  • Kimberly_Craig_DSC04512_cl-edits_121615
    Kimberly Craig, MA

    Associate Clinical Director and Director of Desert Flower

  • Carol-MacIsaac_Family-Therapist_cropped_IMG_4014
    Carol MacIsaac, MA, LPC, LISAC

    Family Therapist

  • Michelle-Madsen_Family-Therapist_IMG_3957
    Michelle Madsen, MEd, LISAC, CADAC

    Family Therapist

  • Victor P. Gilbert, MSW, LISAC
    Victor P. Gilbert, MSW, LISAC

    Family Therapist

  • Mike_Simpson_DSC04351_CL-112015
    Michael Simpson, MSC, BCC, LAC

    Family Therapist

  • Family Therapist
    David Pennington, MSC, LPC

    Family Therapist

  • Chris_Craig_DSC04496_CL-crop_121415
    Chris Craig, MA/MS, LAC

    Program Manager

  • Scott_Frazier_DSC04519_cl-rev_121615
    Scott Frazier, MSC

    Program Manager

  • Mike Gaziano
    Mike Gaziano, MSW, LCSW (WI)

    Program Manager

  • David Cato
    David Cato, LCSW, TCT, SEP

    Program Manager

  • SierraTucson-Staff-PhilMitchel
    Phillip S. Mitchell, MA, MFT (CA), MAC

    Spiritual Counselor, Grief Therapist

  • Jim Portrait
    Jim H. Davis, MA

    Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

  • Trauma Recovery Therapist
    Christina Aguilar, MS

    Lead Primary Therapist, Trauma Recovery Program

  • Lizzie_Lance
    Elizabeth Lance, MSW, LICSW

    Primary Therapist

  • Program Coordinator Edythe Ryan
    Edythe Ryan, LMSW, CSAT Candidate

    Primary Therapist

  • ElaineHixon_IMG_3405_cl-102017
    Elaine Hixson-Weiss, MC, LPC

    Primary Therapist

  • Residential Treatment Therapist
    Dan Pastor, LPC, PsyD Candidate

    Primary Therapist

  • residential treatment therapist
    Brenda Baker, MEd, LISAC

    Primary Therapist

  • Sandra_Guilfoyle_DSC04440_CL-rev_121115
    Sandra Guilfoyle, MS, LPC, NBCC

    Primary Therapist

  • Primary Therapist
    Carly Mance, MSC, LAC, NCC

    Primary Therapist

  • Residential Treatment and Therapy
    Kristen Weleba, MS, LAC

    Primary Therapist

  • Primary Therapist
    Carly Moss, LAC, NCC

    Primary Therapist

  • Manager of Residential Therapists
    Gabrielle Shoun, MS, LASAC

    Program Coordinator

  • Registered Dietitian
    Rachel Reid, RD, CEDRD

    Registered Dietitian

Admissions Team

  • Tessa DeBar
    Tessa de Bar

    Associate Director of Admissions

  • Laura_Fetherston
    Laura Fetherston, MA, LASAC

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Dasa_Schmidt_cl_122815
    Dasa Schmidt

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Jodi_Arbiter_DSC04233_cl_122815
    Jodi Tilley

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Miguel Zevallos _Admissions IMG_0915_cl-041516
    Miguel Zevallos

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Amanda_Graven
    Amanda Jablonsky

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Admissions Coordinator
    Rachel Bennet

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Admissions Coordinator
    Rachelle Baldenegro

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Admissions Coordinator
    Samantha Wommack

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Admissions Coordinator
    Steven Goldsmith

    Admissions Coordinator