Physician Involvement

At Sierra Tucson, we believe that quality medical care should never be a part-time responsibility. Unlike many residential programs (which contract with local physicians to provide limited on-site consultations), we have an on-site team of staff physicians whose sole focus is providing world-class treatment to our residents.

When you enter treatment with us, you can rest assured that you will receive the quality medical care that you deserve every single day. The team of skilled and dedicated full-time medical professionals communicates and collaborates with the entire treatment team. This ensures that resident care is always provided in a comprehensive and highly coordinated manner.

Among the many benefits of treatment at Sierra Tucson is the significant number of nurses and doctors that we have on staff, including naturopathic physicians. We are proud of the fact that we offer comprehensive medical and clinical care, and that we have such a passionate and dedicated team of professionals.

Multidisciplinary treatment teams consist of full-time medical and psychiatric staff, plus pain specialists, certified addiction specialists, psychologists, master’s-level therapists, eating disorder specialists, registered dietitians, therapeutic activity and fitness specialists, exercise physiologists, and licensed integrative therapy practitioners.

You can rest assured that your treatment with us at Sierra Tucson will have the highest quality medical supervision and involvement, ensuring that all of your needs are met on your road to wellness.

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