Sex Addiction Self Assessment

Compulsive sexual thoughts and/or behaviors lead to increasingly serious consequences, both for the sexual addict and for others. Therefore, it is extremely important to identify the symptoms of sexual compulsivity and seek appropriate help.

The following sex addiction self-assessment is provided to help assess your concerns about sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity. (Please note that this self-evaluation does not replace a formal psychiatric or psychological evaluation.) If, after answering the questions below, you have any concerns about the possibility of being sexually addicted or compulsive, we recommend that you receive an assessment from a trained professional or call Sierra Tucson’s Intake Department at 855.373.7752 or attend a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting to further assess your needs.

  • Do you frequently feel compelled to have sex again and again within a short period of time?
  • Do you find it difficult to relate to other people because of thoughts or fantasies about being sexual with them?
  • Has your sexual behavior caused you either to seek help or made you feel “scared” or “different,” somehow alienated from other people?
  • Have you ever tried to stop doing what you believe was wrong in your sexual behavior?
  • Do you sense that your sexual appetite or sexual images (either real or fantasized) are controlling you?
  • Are you concerned about how much time you spend either in a sexual fantasy world or in setting up and acting out sexually?
  • Do you use sex to escape from worries or troubles or to “relax”? Do you use sex to hide from other issues in your life?
  • Does your pursuit of sex interfere with your normal sexual relationship with your spouse or significant other?
  • Have you ever tried to limit or control your sexual behavior?
  • Have you made promises to yourself and others, and then broken these promises?
  • Do you find it almost impossible to have sex without resorting to certain kinds of fantasies or memories of “unique” experiences?
  • Have you found yourself compelled by your sexual desires to the point where your regular sex partner has rebelled?
  • Has your need for sex driven you to associate with persons or to spend time in places you would not normally choose?
  • Have you ever felt you would be better off if you didn’t need to give in to your sexual compulsions?
  • Do you frequently want to get away from a sex partner after having sex?
  • Do you frequently feel remorse, shame, or guilt after having a sexual encounter?
  • Has your job or school work suffered because of your sexual activities? Do you take time off to engage in sex?
  • Have you been arrested, or nearly so, because of your sexual activities? Have your sexual activities jeopardized your life goals?
  • Do your sexual activities include the risk of contracting disease or being maimed or killed by a violent sexual partner?
  • Has compulsive masturbation become a substitute for the kind of sexual relationship you want to have with your spouse or significant other?
  • Has your effectiveness, productivity, concentration, or creativity decreased as your sexual activity has become more compulsive?
  • Has your sexual behavior ever made you feel hopeless or suicidal?

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