Alcoholism Self Assessment

Alcohol screening identifies individuals who have begun to develop or who are at risk for developing alcoholism. Untreated alcoholism can have severe or fatal consequences and can contribute to many other illnesses.

The CAGE questionnaire below takes approximately one minute to complete. If you have concerns about potential alcoholism after answering the questions below, please call
Sierra Tucson’s Intake Department at (800) 842-4487 or seek out additional literature as a resource or attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.


  • Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking or drug use?
  • Have people annoyed you by criticizing or complaining about your drinking or drug use?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use?
  • Have you ever had a drink or drug in the morning (eye-opener) to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover?

C utdown
A nnoyed
G uilty
E ye-Opener

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