Healing the Entire Family

The Family Program for addictions and behavioral health is a hallmark of treatment at Sierra Tucson. Because family members and significant others are considerably affected by addiction and mental health disorders, their involvement is critical to the recovery process.

Healing the Entire Family

Families and their loved one in treatment are given an opportunity to learn about addictions and disorders, discuss issues that have involved them for many years, and heal together. This is often a life-changing week where relationships can begin to mend from confusion, hurt, and misunderstandings. Family members are guided to work on their own issues, develop self-care techniques, and learn how to support their loved one.

Family Involvement

The Family Program is by invitation from the patient. It is provided for family members ages 18 and over and is included in the cost of treatment (excluding travel and accommodations). As soon as the patient completes the invitation list, a family therapist will contact those invited and send information regarding the patient’s family week.

You will be given dates and times, information about what to expect, and will be asked to confirm your participation. We encourage you to NOT make any travel plans until you receive an invitation from a Sierra Tucson family therapist. If you anticipate an invitation to the Family Program, please allow up to 10 days after the patient’s admission.

Please note that the family program is open only to adult family members (ages 18 and above).

The Family Program

This four-day program begins on Monday at 8:45 a.m. and ends on Thursday at 5:50 p.m.  The Family Program is designed to assist patients and family members in identifying problems that have had significant impact on the family system; in changing attitudes and, ultimately, behaviors between family members and patients; and in clarifying the role of healthy support.

Therapists model and teach new communication skills, which give the patients and family members a means to change behaviors and enhance the healing process. A Couple’s Workshop provides an opportunity for all couples in the Family Program to tend to their relationship issues and to receive educational and therapeutic support for recovery.

Personal Family Therapist

A family therapist works with family members during the week, providing support and education specific to the patient’s issues. In afternoon sessions, the family group includes the patient, the patient’s process group members, and the primary therapist. A family therapist may provide individual counseling for family members, as deemed necessary, and will include other clinical staff if appropriate.

Learn More or Get Help Today

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