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Scott Frazier, MSC

Program Manager

Scott Frazier, MSC, has over 12 years experience in rehabilitation and program development for high-risk populations. He first became intrigued with systems intervention in 2001, when he started co-facilitating groups to aid in transitional services. Scott began to study cognitive behavioral approaches and formalize trainings to assist substance abuse and maladaptive eating behavior treatment through attachment, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), with integration into medical models. As a graduate student in Science and Community Counseling, he has worked with domestic violence and intensive outpatient programs for co-occurring disorders. Scott also gained employment to provide forensic and clinical services to individuals with maladaptive sexual behaviors, high-risk violent offenders, and individuals with maladaptive eating patterns. In 2004, he began providing program development to residential treatment and re-entry programs that worked with clients in systems interventions. He has created several innovative programs, including integrative community-based programs for addictions and eating recovery, federal and state re-entry treatment programs for high-risk offenders, and a systems model for treatment and monitoring of individuals with maladaptive sexual behaviors. Scott has received recognition from the Federal Bureau of Prisons for creating a best practice model for developing a treatment and re-entry program for the community with an emphasis on trauma-informed care. In February 2014, he joined Sierra Tucson as a primary therapist, and transitioned into the role of manager of the Eating Recovery Services. He is now a program manager at Sierra Tucson, overseeing the Eating Recovery Services and the Residential Accountability and Safety Coaches (RASCs).

In his spare time, Scott is a photographer, musician, and soccer coach.

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The time spent at Sierra Tucson was the true beginning of my journey. Not only did I overcome my addictions, but I began to focus on the root causes that created my compulsions. I understand myself so much better now.

– Anonymous Client