Best Eating Disorder Treatment Center & Rehab

Disordered eating is a condition that plagues countless individuals throughout the world today. At Sierra Tucson, the best rehab center for eating disorder treatment, we recognize how troubling life can be when maladaptive eating patterns have taken control. For this reason, we offer specialized treatment at our center that is designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals who are facing the challenges that arise from the presence of disordered eating. It is extremely rare for an eating disorder to exist in isolation. More frequently, it exists in tandem with primary diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic depression, and addiction. Our approach to treating disordered eating as a co-occurring condition to other mental health and substance use disorders supports our whole-body healing philosophy.

The symptoms of disordered eating will affect individuals in different ways. Yet, regardless of the symptoms a person is experiencing and the degree to which he or she is experiencing them, it will inevitably cause disturbances in various aspects of his or her life. Disordered eating can include behaviors which reflect many, but not all, of the symptoms of feeding that can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosabulimia nervosabinge eating disorder (BED), other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED), or avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). Our rehab center’s Eating Recovery Services are designed to restore the person to a healthy weight, treat any psychological problems related to or coexisting with the disorder, and reduce behaviors or thoughts that contribute to the maladaptive behavior.

Following treatment at Sierra Tucson, a premier eating disorder treatment center, residents receive our Connect365 continuing care service for one full year at no additional cost, which includes a personal recovery coach and a mobile app to reinforce healthy nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

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