Archive: January 2016

Experiential Therapy & Yoga

Walking the Walk, Beyond the Talk By Sunni Knowlton Therapeutic & Recreational Activities Facilitator & Yoga Specialist After many years of research and personal work delving into countless modalities of therapy and holistic healing, I’ve come to believe something: While talk therapy is extremely beneficial and therapeutic, integrating the body (physical sensation and awareness) with the mind and spirit produces astounding results in the physiological, psychological, and mental well-being of... Read More

Somatic Equine Therapy

By Liz Dampsey, MA, RSMT Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist Attempting to explain somatic/equine therapy to a friend, I found myself searching for the words to describe this predominantly non-verbal intervention. Thinking about the work I am blessed to do every day elicited a slew of sensations that originated in my heart area and moved throughout my system. My friend, who saw me groping for words, said, “Isn’t it somatic just to work... Read More

Move To Change Your Mind

Empowering residents to take part in their own exercise regime for better health By Maliea Cartagena Fitness Specialist, Therapeutic & Recreational Activities Program As fitness specialists at Sierra Tucson, we often witness fear preventing many residents from stepping outside of their comfort zone. We’ve heard statements like, “The reason I don’t exercise is because I feel lost in knowing how to exercise.” Many residents are fearful of being judged, as... Read More